Classes & Events | It’s coming! Ms. Maggie P.’s Afternoon Tea

Working on a little dream, over here…..
Ms. Maggie P (that’s me!) has been pining for tea. A formal tea, that is. With all of the fancy teapots and china cups and tiny cakes and biscuits and tea sandwiches and more. Once a month. Every month.
With a carefully selected playlist, a menu of sweets and savories, hats, if you’d like, and your favorite Spring dress, or your well-worn jeans and boho finery, or your grandfather’s pocket watch, or your 3-piece searsucker suit….it’s like a French salon meets British hotel lobby all at once in funky South Austin. 
3-4:30 PM
Let’s get fancy!
Treat yourself to a sweetly civilized and tasty afternoon.
In this special Saturday class, learn by demonstration, sampling, and example, to host the perfect Afternoon Tea. 
Enjoy sweet and savory nibbles like biscuits, jams, tea sandwiches, petite tartines and more, and learn the dos and don’ts of a perfectly prepared pot of tea. 
Naturally, we’ll explore the proper etiquette of the afternoon tea, as well. In fact if you’ve yearned to some day pull out those white cotton gloves tucked in the back of a drawer, or hoped to find a reason for wearing your mother’s pillbox hat or your father’s pocket watch, this is the perfect opportunity! 
We’ll even get a little crafty, pulling out our favorite scrapbooking supplies to create pretty little tea cards designed to keep up with your favorite blends, as well as creating a “frequent drinker” record. Attend 5 monthly teas, and the 6th is on me!
Hoping to teach a young lady or lad some manners? Perhaps consider a special Saturday date for two. 
Not a tea drinker? No worries. We’ll have a French Press with coffee, and pristine citrus and herb-infused ice water as well. Fancy a more adult beverage? It’s BYOB so bring along your drink of choice!
While tickets must be purchased for each guest, all ages are welcome. Guests under 18 accompanied by adult, please. 

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