Thirsty Thursday | Leftover wine?

Leftover wine lingering in your fridge? Some $4 bottle collecting dust in the pantry? Or maybe a red leftover from a party, but you like whites, or a white brought as a host gift but you like reds?Seems like some great ways to get rid of them. And a super excuse for a party! Waste not, want... Continue Reading →

The Seasonal Plate | March 2018

NEW: This seasonal eating guide for the month of March has been updated to include new links to information and recipes for each vegetable, fruit, nut, meat, poultry, and seafood listed. Need a little inspiration for that farmers' market haul? Just follow each link!Eating in season saves money, provides optimal nutrition, and supports local farmers. In... Continue Reading →

In the Garden | March 2018

This month's In the Garden graphics are in honor of my late mother, Margaret Ann, or Peggy as she was called, who loved quilts, and window boxes, and blooming bulbs. She admired pretty as much as she was pretty. I miss her all year long, but I hear her voice strongest right around her birthday,... Continue Reading →

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